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May 05, 2008



Hey, thanks for the link, Candita! Did you know this is National Pet Week? This post would make a great addition to my Carnival of Green Pets, which I'll be posting on Friday -- what do you say?


Eddie, I would be thrilled to be included in your Carnival of Green Pets, count me in.


I would also suggest you look into raw feeding options for your dog/cat/ferret. Learning how to work with a species appropriate diet is probably the best thing I have ever done for me dogs and cats. And I don't mean cooking for them, but feeding them raw, meaty bones and organs. Some great resources along this line would be the rawfeeding yahoo group, and RawFed.com.

HTH someone,



Thanks so much Kim. I have recently been learning about raw feeding from some pet specialists I trust. Thanks for your feedback. I will keep you posted on how my beloved dog Spike responds to his diet change.

All the best,


We've bought raw food from a family-run farm in Pennsylvania, and naturally we recommend them! See http://hare-today.com/

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